Aesthetic strength
Xmple is the latest venture of couple of versatile entrepreneurs who have interests in hospitality sector. Xmple is perfect for everyone be it the individual home owner or the builder. Xmple brings the discerning customer a host of products for the construction industry. Xmple has first launched the doors division. The quality of Xmple doors are ensured across each piece at the factory itself. This uniformity is especially helpful for builder who need to source similar doors at different locales.

Welcome to a world that combines the beauty of wood with the strength of steel. Xmple door brings you the fruits of a technical innovation in steel that has fired the imagination in the building sector. Xmple steel wood armoured door series are made of superior quality steel that has a fine skin of real wood.

Xmple doors are a step into the future. The doors and windows from Xmple are study and secure. They continue to look as good as new for many years. Dampness doesn’t make it rust or rot. These doors also don’t creak as some old wooden doors do.

Vision & Mission
Vision: To provide builders and home owners good quality products required for construction.

Mission: Be committed to the guiding principles of commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


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