Xmple has met customer’s trust each and every time. The ordered goods are delivered in time and have always met global quality standards.This trust rules out any hassles in the completion of projects , be it buildings or homes. Xmple provides good quality, well-designed, competitively priced and safe doors.

Wide range
Xmple provides a wide range of products to choose from.  You get the type of door you want
Like Front door, Internal doors and Bathroom doors. The same variety will be reflected in the other  categories in pipeline.

Track your order
Once you place an order, you can track your order. Our personnel will update the status of your goods till deliver and installation. You can track it by the UID (unique identification number) in your bill.
This facility is intended to keep you updated on the status of the goods, whether in warehouse, packaging, transit or delivery. It also helps us at Xmple to track whether the goods were delivered and installed in time.

For us at Xmple, each customer is a King. We are eager to hear from you and we try to be very responsive to your queries and comments. Our technical person will be in contact with you at the earliest to rectify any issue if it arises.

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