1. What are the different types of doors available with Xmple?
Xmple brings you several types of doors. There are steel armoured front doors and Steel security doors. The doors are available in two options – single leaf and double leaf( mother and child) variants.
2. What are the advantages of a steel armoured door?
It gives extra security and strength. Also, it scores better on natural looks as it has a thin skin of natural wood on the steel interior and frame.
3. What is the guarantee period for the doors?
Xmple provides a 10 year guarantee on all its doors. Take care get your product registered to enjoy the guarantee.
4. Are all doors by Xmple fire resistant?
The doors with fireboard and interior filling are more fire resistant than other types. Being made of steel, all the doors can withstand high temperatures.
5. Will the door be installed by Xmple?
Yes. We take care to install each and every piece of doors we sell
6. How long does it normally take to deliver an order?
In normal course, it takes about 4-6 weeks to deliver the ordered goods. You can also book in advance so that the product arrives in time for your installation.
7. Do you provide AMC for the doors you sell?
Yes, we do. Out technical experts will be in touch with you for the Annual Maintenance of the doors. You can contact them in case of an issue.

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